Yesterday iOS7 was released to the world, and it looks like it has been quite popular. People all over the world updated their iPhones and iPads to the latest iOS version. For most apps that meant redesigning the UI to match the iOS7 specific style.

But there has been an other new feature that is going to be very important for developers who build apps targeted at kids. The Kids Category in the App Store went live, and we have updated our apps in time so that they were available at launch time.

Apps in the Kids Category must follow some stricter rules:

  • A privacy policy is mandatory. You can find ours here.
  • The app can’t use ads that work by tracking what someone does in the app and serving them related ads.
  • The developer must use a parental gate before allowing the user to link out of the app or present In App Purchases.

Looks like that paid off! Browsing through the new Kids Section, Wee Rockets is featured in the Create & Play, Shapes & Colours and Games for Kids sections. Wee Subs is featured in Games for Kids. To see our  Wee Taps Apps among the apps from Toca Boca, Disney, Dr. PandaSago Sago, and other quality kids apps is pretty awesome! Now let’s hope that we can get some extra happy little users from this!