Last year I wrote a post about some great iPad apps for Kids. Those apps are still great, so if you are interested you can read it here. I decided to write a follow-up on the previous post, because there are so many awesome kids apps available. This list contains only apps that are installed on my iPad and are tested and approved by 3,5 year old son.

Toca Boca

I mentioned apps from Toca Boca in my previous post, but they keep on releasing amazing digital toys. They also put a lot of though into the design and interactions. The characters are crazy and a little weird sometimes, but they are very original. It’s obvious that all of their apps are great, but here is my favorite top 3 out of their new apps. Yes, you can say I’m a fan and so is my son. So guys if you are listening, we would love to become beta testers.

Toca Store

It’s just the digital version of a Store Play Set that you can take everywhere. The great thing about this app is that your kid will have to play together with you, their sibling or friends.

Toca Kitchen

This app let’s your kid play around with food. They can pick different characters and each character has his or her favorite foods and dislikes. Pick your ingredients from the fridge and prepare them in anyway you like. One more thing: there is also a version with Monsters and it’s Free!

Toca House

Toca House is a great collection of mini games where you’ll have to help the characters do chores around the house. Let your kids do the dishes, ironing, sweeping or planting flowers in the garden. It is a lot of fun.

Sprinkle Jr

Sprinkle Junior is the little brother of the original Sprinkle game. The goal of the game is to put out fires with your little fire engine. I love the interactions and the work they put into creating all those different levels. All levels are completely different and fun. And even I like to pick up this game and play it myself sometimes.

Rocket Speller

Another great idea: Rocket Speller. Who doesn’t love rockets! Well this game isn’t about rockets, it’s about spelling. And although my son doesn’t speak English he still loves to play this game. I guess that has everything to do with the rocket reward system and the little green alien. Too bad that this app isn’t localized, because that would make it even better. So Little Big Thinkers, if you need any help localizing your app for Dutch please contact me. I also do a little development myself, as you can see.

Alien Buddies

Alien Buddies is yet another cool educational app that uses aliens to make learning more fun. It’s a fun way of learning about letters, numbers, colors and shapes. The interface is very easy and all you have to do is to drag the correct alien into the little spaceship.

Pepi Bath

Pepi Bath teaches kids stuff about normal tasks like washing, pooping, taking a bath, … It is a funny app with nice graphics.


Last but not least another educational app that helps kids to write letters: LetterSchool. It’s an awesome app with lots of animations and fun interactions. And the best part is that there is a Dutch version! So thanks @jhml for the tip!

This list is far from complete, so you can expect some more blog posts around this topic. If you have any other good apps for kids to share with me, please comment.