You might have noticed that since I started my blog in 2008, I covered a lot of technical topics. Before this blog started I was already working as a programmer building application in an Enterprise context. This has been a very interesting journey for me and I am quite happy to be where I am right now. So I want to share with you some of the technologies that I worked with and how it all started. I know this is a completely useless post, but I hope it will be fun to write, and it will have some nice retro images of cool stuff.

My interest for computers and technology started way back with the old Nintendo portable game devices. I played a lot on Donkey Kong and I also got this very addicting egg catching game from Mickey Mouse. Those games were very simple but as far as I can remember I could play them over and over again. And some of the iOS games created by Indie Developers remind me a lot of those fun times.

After these wonderful toys, came the age of the ATARI. This device really got me hooked into gaming and it was then that I first got to know Mario Bros. Although most games were pretty simple, I could keep on playing Mario and Luigi. And the cool part was that back then you could play this game against a friend. I still have the ATARI stacked away in a box.

After the ATARI came the Commodore AMIGA. I skipped the Commodore 64 and jumped straight onto the AMIGA. This was quite a powerful computer and all my friends with PC’s were jealous of my full VGA color screen. Besides gaming this computer was also suited for running programs. I created my first pixel artworks with the mouse. Oh, good times, but also frustration. I will never forget the frustration when in the middle of a game the AMIGA floppy drive started to make that awful sound which resulted in a “Read/Write Error“. This usually ment that the floppy was corrupted and there was no way beyond this. But still I had a lot of fun with this wonderful computer.

Ok, time to be serious and talk about programming, and we’ll come back to gaming later. I graduated from the University as a Commercial Engineer in Computer Science, so not exactly a very technical direction. But I got “lucky” and at the time I graduated, programmers or any IT related job was in high demand. So I ended up starting my professional career as a programmer. Sure we got some basic programming classes at the University, but Turbo Pascal, COBOL, come on. The company I worked for wrote most of their software in PowerBuilder and later in JAVA. So I did some projects in PowerBuilder and JAVA but ended up in Microsoft’s Visual Basic. From here on I evolved to .NET and that has been a big part of my career. C# was the first language I really liked, so I decided to jump on the .NET train. I worked on several projects mainly for Banking and Pharmaceutical Companies. Most of the apps were desktop apps, but then I ended up at an agency coaching young developers and creating backend’s for online campaigns.

So I jumped ship and moved away from being an enterprise developer, to a web developer. I started writing backend’s for campaigns but my first love was stil writing User Interfaces, so I decided to dig deeper into Action Script and Flex. I had fun working on several projects, mostly touch but then came the whole Flash vs. HTML5 and I decided that I reached my potential as a Flex developer and wanted to try out something new again, so here comes that shiny new device where you can build apps for and make money, mmm. Let’s try it, but what’s that language!! Objective-C looks at first site a bit odd, and takes a while to get used to. But hang on, once you get it it’s fun and very powerful. I worked on a couple of apps and also games. And finally I did something I always wanted to do: writing a computer game. It took a long time, but I got the opportunity to write a game. And the best part was that for one game my 2 year old son was my first user.

So that’s it. I’m 37 years old and have 12 years of experience as a Developer and I still like what I do and I still like new gadgets and technologies.