In this post I collected some of the coolest use cases of the iPad/iPhone. They all have in common that you need something extra to enjoy the complete experience. Some of the examples apply to children because that is also something that interests me a lot both as a Developer and as a Dad of two boys.

Disney’s AppMATEs

One of the latest games built by Disney uses little toy cars to play the game. The characters all behave a bit different and have their own features. So it’s an excellent example on how to connect a physical toy with a video game. I haven’t tried it out yet, but when I do I will let you know.

LEGO: Life Of George

There have been some LEGO apps in the App Store for some time, but the next app is a prefect bridge between the real world of LEGO and the virtual LEGO world in the App Store. The goal is to recreate the image you get on the phone as fast as you can. When you finish the job, take a picture and the app will tell you how correct it was.

Griffin: RC Helicopter

Yes, the AR Drone Parrot is Awesome. But if you want a more affordable toy, then checkout this remote controlled Helicopter by Griffin. You can find more information about the Helicopter here.

Thinkgeek: iCade

If you like Arcade games then this is the Ultimate asset to your Geek collection. It has support for a lot of games in the App Store. So replay all the Atari games from when you were young with this amazing iPad “Dock”.

Griffin: Crayola ColorStudio HD

This is a great idea because I find drawing and coloring apps on an iPad not that useful because you have to use your finger. It’s not that natural to draw with your finger and you cannot get that much detail. So the idea of a stylus that can be used to draw/color/write is great. Does it work that good in reality, I have no clue?

Bamboo Stylus for iPad

If you want to really throw away your paper notebooks, the Bamboo Stylus by Wacom looks like one of the best options to buy. And they have their own awesome notes app.


There are a lot of innovative developers out there and if you have the resources to create the extra necessary hardware, you can do a lot of interesting stuff with the iDevices. This list is brief and there are certainly a lot more cases like this. If you have anything interesting like this please feel free to comment on my post.