Alain Hufkens - Wee Taps - Wee RocketsA couple of weeks ago I did something that I never did before. I gave a presentation before a room full of strangers. How did that happen?

After releasing the Wee Rockets app, we were trying all possible channels to promote our application. Obviously we wrote to a lot of review sites. Some of them wrote a lovely review, others asked for money but most of them never replied. If you want to read some nice reviews check the Wee Rockets Project page.

So we decided to enter in the AppsMarathon organized by Mobile Monday. It’s an event where Belgian App Developers can pitch their app for 6 minutes and win some prizes. We were selected to present our app among apps like de Snelste Quiz ter wereld (In The Pocket), The BeatBlaster, YouKnowMe? (Boondoggle Life Labs), PatternPanda, … We were up second and it was quite a challenge to keep it under 6 minutes. I guess the presentation went ok, because we got some great feedback afterwards. We also go to talk to a lot of interesting people, and at the end of the night we scored another presentation.

appstore_number1We tweaked our presentation a wee bit, and presented the next day a second time before a group of lovely ladies on the Brussels Girl Geek Dinner organized by Boondoggle Life Labs. It was a great audience and people were very enthusiastic about our app. We event jumped to the Nr1 position in the Kids Games section of the Belgian App Store for a couple of hours. So thanks a lot for having us!

I loved talking about our little passion project. Our next presentation will be at the MacBeurs on November 18th. We’ll be present for the AppMeet with some other Belgian and Dutch App Developers.

You can check out our presentation on Speakerdeck. If you are interested, we would love to tell our story again.